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Opteco 450mm x 40Teeth

Opteco 450mm x 40Teeth

Price: $239.68 $266.31
Price: $239.68 $266.31

Code 9354503040

OPTECO Wood Blade

Designed for ripping and fast crosscuts in different timbers types.

450mm dia x 30mm bore x 40 Teeth

For the professional operator or person with an eye for the quality finish these blades provide.

Bench / drop machines

Ripper blade for the professional or handy man that takes pride in there work.

ATB Tooth-  Positive 25°

Kerf / Plate 4.2 / 3.6 mm

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Brands: Opteco
Application/Depth/Type: ATB - Alternate Top Bevel
Diameter/Size/Volume: 450mm