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Tool Sharpening

Professional Mobile Tool Sharpening Service.

Australian Blade Company has been sharpening blades in Melbourne for over 17 years.

We are a mobile service, so we can come to you. Servicing the Eastern and South Eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as well as western Gippsland.

From the domestic knives and scissors through to the Tradies with their circular saw blades, chisels, hole saws and planer blades and much more.

Commercial operations are not left out either, with nurseries and their garden equipment.  Arborists using chainsaws and chipper blades.

A new service that we have just added: “Clipper Blades”!!  Animal groomers can now come to us and have their blades sharpened.

If you have an unusual blade, just drop us a line via Email or phone and we will discuss the best solution for you.

Domestic Sharpening

The domestic markets are very diverse. From standard kitchen knives on to serrated bread knives, craft and tailoring scissors and out to the garden for loppers, hedge trimmers and the smaller secateurs.

Tradesman/Commercial business

I know you have heard the saying “a tradesman is only as good as his tools”. We are here to keep your tools in tip top condition.

Based in Pakenham, we can service the East and South East of Melbourne.

Call us on 0419 360 678