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Test & Tagging

Test & Tagging

Electrical appliance testing is an OH&S legal requirement for all workplaces and must be completed by a licensed tester. I would suggest checking with your Insurance Agent and your Lawyer is highly advisable. To see where you would stand if an accident did occur. If an accident does occur, the first thing that Work Cover will check is the compliance records and if everything was done to ensure the employees safety.

What are your responsibilities?

As an owner or director of a business, the buck stops with you with regard to the health and safety of you employees and the environment that they work in.

The Sharpening service of the Australian Blade Company also offers it’s clients electrical appliance testing as well. Set up when the sharpening service was mobile 17 years ago. This service offered the bonus of testing your tools at the same time as sharpening your blades at the same visit.

This is still a mobile component of the business, so we come to you, either your work site, factory and even into your office space.

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