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Opteco 350mm x 24 Teeth

Opteco 350mm x 24 Teeth

Price: $147.11 $163.46
Price: $147.11 $163.46

Code 3453503024

OPTECO Wood Blade

Designed for Building site machines.

350mm dia x 30mm bore x 24 Teeth

For the professional operator or person with an eye for the quality finish these blades provide.

Work site Bench saw machines

Universal blade for the professional or handy man that takes pride in there work.

TRZ Tooth-  Positive 15°

Chip limited tooth

Kerf / Plate 3.8 / 2.5mm

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Brands: Opteco
Application/Depth/Type: TRZ - Trapezoidal Tooth
Diameter/Size/Volume: 350mm