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Dart 235mm x 56 Teeth

Dart 235mm x 56 Teeth

Price: $99.23 $117.70
Price: $99.23 $117.70

Code MSB2352556

Dart Metalsonic Blade

Metal cutting  and all non Masonry Construction Materials, using Hybrid Cutting Technology

235mm dia x 25mm bore x 56 Teeth

Suitable for portable saws

Able to cut through Metal, Aluminium, Plastics, Timber, Wood with nails and coolroom Panels.

Expansion Slots

Metal cold cut

Ventilation Ports

Hardened Steel Plate

LOK Embedded Triple Chip Tooth

Kerf / Plate 2.1 / 1.8

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Brands: Dart
Application/Depth/Type: TCH - Triple Chip Tooth, TCT Tipped
Diameter/Size/Volume: 235mm